Massage Therapies
The Spa at The Breakers offers a serene sanctuary for relaxation,
pampering and renewal in an oceanfront setting.
Personal Retreat
50, 80, or 110 minutes
A customized massage that incorporates various therapeutic
techniques tailored to your individual needs. Whether your goal
is to be pampered or to de-stress, simply tell us how much time
you have and a master therapist will work with you to deliver a
highly personalized massage experience.
90 minutes
Performed on a Thai mat on the floor, your therapist incorporates
slow, gentle rocking movements, acupressure, energy balancing
and applied yoga exercises using thumbs, palms, elbows, knees
and feet. This unique therapy relaxes body and mind and increases
flexibility while harmonizing key Sen lines.
Loose, comfortable
clothing is required.
80 minutes
A range of acupressure and stretching techniques help balance
energy flow and strengthen the vital organs, open your meridians
and bring health and vitality to your life.
Loose, comfortable
clothing is required.
50 minutes
A relaxing massage for the mother-to-be after the first trimester.
Designed to assist with relieving pregnancy-related discomforts.
50 minutes
The tranquil blend of four hands synchronized in harmony to relax
your mind and body from head to toe. A choreographed massage
performed by two therapists.
50 or 80 minutes
A massage that promotes complete rest and relaxation of the body
and mind. Helps to relieve muscle tension and enhance circulation
with light pressure.
50 or 80 minutes
Your choice of either a Swedish Massage or Personal Retreat
Massage for two. Pricing varies based on modality.
Alfresco Massage
50, 80, or 110 minutes
Embrace the ultimate in paradise with the perfect duet of
massage and the gentle sounds of the ocean. Enjoy a Personal
Retreat Massage in our private Oceanfront Sanctuary or in your
Oceanfront Bungalow. For a truly unique experience, enjoy a
Moonlight Massage after the sun goes down. Some restrictions
may apply.
Can be booked as a couples massage.
Additional techniques may be available upon request.
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