Skincare Services
Relax as you enjoy luxurious treatments designed to meet your
unique skincare needs.
Orchidée Impériale Facial
80 minutes
Signature Treatment
Experience the rejuvenating, strengthening and anti-aging properties
of the orchid flower. Using Guerlain’s Orchidée Impériale iconic
products and simultaneous masques, this ultimate facial addresses
all the signs of aging. The efficiency of the products will offer you a
moment of absolute well-being and visibly transform your skin by
revealing its rediscovered youth. The exclusive Orchidée Impériale
Facial massage stimulates the muscles and redefines the contours of
the face. A hand, scalp and foot massage completes your treatment.
Guerlain Classic Facial
50 minutes
Refine the texture of your skin and even out skin tone as you enjoy
the luxury of deep cleansing, gentle exfoliation and a moisturizing
treatment resulting in a hydrated, fresh, clear and radiant
complexion. A soothing hand and arm massage completes your
­­Spa Packages
Regal Experience
5 1/2 hours of services
Relish in regal indulgence as you enjoy a Harmony Massage,
Detoxifying Mud Wrap, Classic Facial with Reflexology, Solar
Manicure and Pedicure and spa lunch for an unforgettable
experience. Package includes a special gift.
Palm Beacher
4 1/2 hours of services
Treat yourself to a Palm Beach retreat with an 80-minute Personal
Retreat Massage, Orchidée Impériale Facial, Walk on the Beach
Pedicure and a spa lunch. Package includes a special gift.
Island Escape
3 1/2 hours of services
Designed with luxury in mind, this package is for those who have
come seeking a true island getaway. Enjoy an 80-minute Personal
Retreat Massage, Coconut Smoothing Scrub, Solar Pedicure and
a spa lunch.
Prenatal Bliss
3 hours of services
Especially designed for the mother-to-be after her first trimester.
Enjoy a Prenatal Massage, Classic Facial, Solar Pedicure, and a
spa lunch.
Yours Truly
3 hours of services
Enjoy your choice of two 80-minute treatments and a spa lunch.
Some restrictions may apply.
Visit our website for additional packages.
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