Specialty Therapies for Hands &Feet
A Walk On The Beach Pedicure
80 minutes
This luxurious “facial for the feet” incorporates natural elements
from the sea. Your experience includes a refining exfoliation and
seaweed-enriched masque. An intensive, moisture-replenishing
massage completes this marine-inspired treatment.
Solar Treatment
50 minutes
50 minutes
This intensive therapy for dry, dehydrated hands or feet includes
a sweet almond oil and Dead Sea salt exfoliation to polish your
skin, and an ultra-hydrating hand or foot massage to complete this
soothing treatment.
Classic Treatment
25 minutes
50 minutes
The manicure includes a hand massage utilizing a vitamin rich,
nourishing lotion to leave your skin silky and smooth. The pedicure
includes a coconut milk bath soak followed by an exfoliation with
natural pure cane sugar infused with essential oils, enzymes and
coconut milk.
Ice Cream Treatment
25 minutes
Mini Pedicure
25 minutes
Guests ages 6-12, and the young at heart, are invited to indulge in this
sinfully sweet and nourishing scoop of luxury. ME! Bath™ Ice Cream
is custom made from a delightful blend of oils, purifying minerals
and salts to hydrate and moisturize the skin. A variety of scents are
available for you to choose from. Topping off this decadent treatment,
children enjoy a complimentary ice cream treat at
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