Fitness Services
Explore a variety of fitness activities designed to build aerobic
capacity, flexibility, strength and endurance.
Fitness Assessment
80 minutes
Signature Service
One of our certified Personal Trainers will customize a fitness
assessment to meet your specific needs. Utilizing our InBody
520 Analysis, a complete body composition analysis will be
performed. Upon completion, you will be provided with your
results. You can choose to workout with your Personal Trainer
or simply discuss exercise programs and options.
Personal Training
25 or 50 minutes
A one-on-one workout with a certified Personal Trainer to refine
your existing fitness program or teach you new training techniques.
Training For Two
50 minutes
A certified Personal Trainer will guide you and a partner in
refining your fitness program or learning new techniques.
InBody 520Analysis
The Spa is pleased to introduce InBody 520, a revolutionary
body analysis to determine your percentage of body fat and
lean body mass using the most advanced technology available.
Performed by one of our certified Personal Trainers, this state-
of-the-art fitness equipment performs precise body composition,
body water balance, obesity analysis and segmental lean analysis.
Fitness Classes
A variety of fitness and specialty classes, such as: Water
Conditioning, Yoga, Pilates and Zumba, are taught by certified
instructors and offered daily. Schedules are available at The Spa or
Concierge desk. Classes are complimentary for all hotel guests and
are included with the purchase of a 50-minute spa treatment.
Private Fitness Classes
One-on-One, Partner or Group Instruction
A variety of Yoga, Water Conditioning and Pilates classes
are available.
Additional private fitness classes are available upon request.
Men’s Marine Treatment
25 minutes
50 minutes
Rich in minerals and revitalizing algae, this treatment will nourish
and condition your hands and feet while providing a relaxing and
rejuvenating experience.
With each full Manicure or Pedicure, your choice of nail polish
is expertly applied and presented for you to take home with
our compliments.
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