The Breakers' Experience Video Transcript

Soft classical music plays in the background.

The video begins with a Tesla car slowly driving up The Breakers Main Drive, circling around the Florentine Fountain which then comes into full view. 

Water trickles from the fountain with the sun shining in the background. A window on the car slides down, showing a women gazing at the resort from the vehicle. 

A couple walks toward the front desk to check-in and are greeted by a smiling Breakers' team member, who graciously hands them their room key. Another couple walks through their oceanfront suite, excited to see the panoramic ocean view ahead. 

The couple stands on the suite's balcony holding each other lovingly while looking out at the glistening ocean and swaying palm trees. 

The frame cuts to a family riding bicycles around the hotel grounds, passing the beautiful architecture and lush landscaping. There is an aerial camera view of a couple enjoying one of the pools.

A variety of guests ride stationary exercise bicycles in tandem while watching the sun rise from the outdoor terrace of the oceanfront fitness center. 

Back inside the resort, two women shop for jewelry and one tries on shoes at a the resort's boutiques. 

The camera cuts to a chef flipping an omelette at The Circle, while a young boy and girl browse the buffet and playfully grab some pastries. The children then join their parents at the table to enjoy breakfast together.

A woman sits at the edge of the pool and her husband helps her into the water. Nearby, a family of four enjoys a poolside lunch at Ocean House.

A couple walks into HMF and are served drinks at the bar while a group of friends enjoy food and cocktails at a table nearby.

A guest's room is being prepared and a team member sets a small box of chocolates on the bed at turndown. 

A couple takes a leisurely stroll around the grounds of the hotel, a family with a young boy and girl walk out of the zero-entry pool as a mother and child sweetly blow bubbles at the Front Lawn. The same mother and child share an ice cream from Mary Lily's in the Palm Courtyard. Inside the resort, a couple enjoys afternoon cocktails and fresh seafood while seated at Seafood Bar's 30-foot aquarium bar. 

At the beach, a father and son splash in the waves together as a family runs along the water's edge and a boy and girl surf toward the shore on boogie boards.

A woman receives a facial at The Spa, then, dressed in her robe, leisurely walks by a fountain in the outdoor courtyard. 

The video ends with a shot of the clear ocean water, and The Breakers logo appearing in the waves.