Ocean Course Golf Policies

Course Conduct & Etiquette

  • Members are expected to play the course in four hours or less.
  • Cell phones are not restricted, however, please use them discreetly.
  • Members must check in all guests in the pro shop. 
  • Restrooms are located on #6 green, #14 tee, #11 in the activities center and in the clubhouse.
  • While playing music on the golf course, the volume must remain low enough to only hear within your cart.
  • The driving range and the practice putting greens should be used for practice. Practice is not allowed on the golf course unless accompanied by a Breakers Golf Professional. Range balls cannot leave the practice facility and are strictly prohibited on the golf course.
  • At the driving range, golf carts should be parked in the space between the practice putting green and chipping green. 7 iron or less should be the only clubs utilized at the driving range. 
  • The rangers have the responsibility of expediting play on the golf course and all players must honor a ranger’s request to speed up play or to allow other players to play through. In the absence of a ranger, if a match fails to keep its place on the course and is more than one clear hole behind the players ahead, it must allow the following match to play through. 
  • Please fix your ball marks on the greens and fill your divots with the sand provided on the golf cart. 
  • Carefully rake the bunker after hitting your shot and return the rake to outside the bunker.
  • Searching for a lost golf ball is limited to three minutes per USGA rules.
  • When the hole is completed, leave the green promptly and proceed to the next tee without delay. Finish scoring for the completed hole while the others are playing from the next tee.

Dress Code

  • Proper golf attire is required while playing or practicing at the Ocean Course.
  • Men can have golf-specific golf shirts with a collar, Bermuda shorts or slacks.
  • Women may wear sleeveless shirts as long as they are golf-specific. Shorts, skorts, skirts or slacks may be worn.
  • Prohibited: jeans, tank tops, sweatpants and gym shorts.

Golf Cart Usage

  • All golfers must sign the golf cart waiver prior to operating or riding in a golf cart.
  • Cart operators must have a valid driver’s license and obey all traffic and golf course signs.
  • All par 3’s are always cart path only.
  • Only two carts per foursome and maximum two riders on each cart.
  • The Breakers golf cart is equipped with GPS. If you pass into a restricted area and the cart stops, put the cart in reverse and back out until the cart releases, then return to the cart path.
  • Carts must remain on the cart paths at all times during days designated cart path only (CPO) or on holes designated CPO. Carts should never be driven within 30 feet of tees, greens or other areas specifically marked by the Superintendent. CPO restrictions will be determined by the Superintendent of Golf and will be strictly enforced to ensure the continued agronomic integrity of the course. Violations of this rule will result in three warnings, and the final warning will be a suspension of golfing privileges for 30 days. Do not drive the golf cart near lake banks.
  • Golf carts owned by The Breakers are for use on the golf course only and must not be driven to parking areas or other areas.